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What is eClose assist? eClose assist allows for a limited amount of documents to be signed in the presence of the Notary or Settlement Agent with the remaining of the closing package to be electronically signed from the borrower’s personal device.

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Two ways to eClose

Option a

Settlement Agent can facilitate the eClosing in their office using a tablet, laptop, or computer. When Settlement Agents receive the closing package from Fairway, there will be a small portion of the documents that need to be printed. (These documents will not have a watermark on them. The bulk of the closing package will be watermarked as “Review Copy Do Not Sign.” The watermarked documents are the documents for eSignatures and do not need to be printed. There are eClosing instructions included in every closing package that walks the Settlement Agent through how to access the eClosing portal, if there are facilitating the eClosing in their office.

If a Notary is being used to close the transaction, the notary would need to have a tablet, laptop or computer and be provided the Guest eClosing instructions to access the online portal.

"Option A" closing typically looks like:

Borrower meets with Settlement Agent or Notary: Signs the 5-10 documents that require a wet signature, then is handed a tablet or laptop to sign their eDocs.
The wet sign and eSign portion MUST be completed on the same day.
If the Settlement Agent is not equipped to support an eClosing in their office, consider Option B.
Option B

The eClosing can be completed prior to meeting the Settlement Agent or Notary for the wet sign portion of the closing documents. The borrower will need to have a computer, laptop or tablet in their home. Borrowers cannot eClose from a smart phone.

To request an eClose assist, reach out to and provide the following information:

  • "eClose Assist Request" as the subject line of the email.
  • Fairway loan number
  • Borrower's first and last name
  • Best contact number for the borrower
  • Settlement agent first and last name
  • Date of signing
IMPORTANT: If the borrower prefers a call at a specific time, please indicate this clearly on the request.

Downloadable Assets

eClosing Assistance
eClosing Instructions
Settlement Agent FAQ

Only applies when eClose assist is not being used

Troubleshooting & Support for Closing Center

Only applies when eClose assist is not being used


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are reverse mortgages considered specialty? ie: not yet available?

We have reached out to our partners at Ginnie Mae to confirm eligibility for Reverse HECM loans. Look for more information to come on status of this loan type

Q: Will the borrower still be required to sign documents in person?

Yes, this is a hybrid signing experience. The borrower will meet with the Settlement Agent at closing just as they do today to wet-sign the notarized documents.

Q: Does the buyer's attorney get an opportunity to review these documents with the borrower as well before the e-sign?

Yes, the attorney or settlement agent will be able to review all of the closing documents in the portal or in the closing package prior to settlement

Q: What documents will require a wet-signature?

The electronic portion of the signing will include 17-19 documents depending on the state. The wet-sign documents will include anything requiring notarization. (Including but not limited to Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Riders, Name Affidavit, Right to Cancel, Patriot Act, Mineral Rights)

Q: Are the title companies easily able to print the wet-signed documents prior to the borrower arriving at closing?

Yes, settlement receives the wet signed documents as they do today and is easily able to print these documents prior to the borrowers arriving to closing

Q: Do you have a Demo for our Settlement Agents/Bank Attorney's?

For any training requests or questions please reach out to to request a demonstration of the platform.

Q: Does this work for a mobile notary to still be able to do the closing at the borrowers home or work?

Yes, the closing package will include instructions for the mobile notary to access and sign the electronic documents.

Q: Is Remote Online Notarization available?

Yes, RON's are now available for eligible files. Please see RON information on the home screen to learn more.

Q: Can you explain the difference between eClose Hybrid and eClose with eNote. Hybrid is for Government and eClose is Conventional, but what's different between the two?   

eClose with enote includes the electronically signed promissory note and is used on conventional transactions. The Hybrid eClose is a government; FHA, VA, or USDA only difference is no eNote allowed on government yet

Q: Will the borrower receive a copy of the signed electronic documents?

Yes, the borrower will receive a copy of the signed electronic documents from the signing platform.

Q: Do the borrowers sign each closing document or do they sign once and it gets applied to all closing documents?

Our signing platform does not currently support batch signing.

Q: Does the borrower get a link in advance to view the electronic documents prior to closing day?

No. Borrowers will not be required to view the documents prior to closing.

Q: Does the settlement attorney have the capability to print the documents if needed and switch to paper? Say there's no internet access, their tablet breaks, or whatever may come up.   

We do not have a "paper out" option today so Closer will simply request a redraw to paper. We are looking at this feature for future enhancements

Q: How will this affect closings where multiple borrowers have to sign at different times?

Each borrower will receive the email with access to the electronic documents. They are able to login in separately to complete the eSigning on signing day.

Q: How soon can we start eSigning?

eSigning is available today! Reach out to the eClose team at to get started.

Q: Does the borrower receive an email to eSign their documents?

Yes, The borrower will receive an email on signing day with a link to access and sign the electronic documents.

Q: Can we eclose both purchase and refinance?  

Yes, both Purchase transactions as well as Refinance transactions are eligible in: FHA, VA, and USDA are eligible for eClose Hybrid

Q: For funding purposes the package will auto upload into the applicable folders we would just need the title co. to send the final CD, 1003 etc that were wet signed?   

Correct, same as today in returning the wet signed documents. Follow current procedures.

Q: How do I get support with eClose files and questions?

If you have any questions or need eClosing assistance please contact the Fairway eClose team at or 469-986-2230.